Additional Services

Smart Phone Wayfinding

Harness the power of wayfinding in the palm of your hand. Smart phone wayfinding applications developed for your facilities can personalize self-navigation for your patrons and provide real-time current informational content. Let us help you evaluate if this technology can improve self-navigation at your facilities.

Digital Signage & Kiosks 

Digital signage can provide quick and efficient content updates, content flexibility and customized information that static signs cannot.  Whether interactive or non-interactive, we help clients understand the cost, possibilities, benefits, challenges and ongoing responsibilities related to digital signage.  This guidance helps our clients make informed decisions on their use of digital signage.  We specify interactive and non-interactive digital signage for interior and exterior applications that align with our clients’ needs and expectations.

Map Design & Rendering 

Research suggests that people need to have a clear ‘cognitive map’ (mental picture) of the layout of an environment to effectively self-navigate.  To aid people in formulating their cognitive map, we design user-friendly and easy to understand maps of buildings and campuses that help to spatially orient the user and highlight important landmarks and features that help to build a useful cognitive map.  These maps can be basic or very detailed depending on the need and client preferences.

Wayfinding Brochures

These are handy printed pamphlets that offer useful wayfinding information like maps, destination lists, parking information, public transportation info, hours of access, policies, and so on.  These can be designed to be mailers, downloadable PDF’s or on-site hand-outs.

Staff Training

Much care and consideration goes into designing and implementing a cohesive new signage and wayfinding program.  Staff are also part of the wayfinding continuum as they are commonly asked for directions by visitors.  We can provide staff training on the wayfinding strategy and the importance of providing directions using the same nomenclature, landmarks and other wayfinding cues that signs, and your website, mobile wayfinding apps, patient letters use.

Donor Recognition

Whether acknowledging the generosity of donors or creating informative and beautiful interpretive signage, we help our clients turn their vision into reality.  For organizations with active development programs, we help define donor recognition hierarchy standards expressed through signage.  We also help clients share their history and other information graphically through interpretive signage.   

Room Numbering

A complete room numbering system with a logical flow and built-in ability to adapt to architectural updates over time can be an asset in the wayfinding, signage and facility management toolbox.  
Whether we are re-numbering an existing facility or improving the architect’s room numbers on a new building, we can help.