Signage and Wayfinding Assessment Report

Signage & Wayfinding Assessment Report

Organizations suffering with signage and wayfinding problems need to know the extent of the issues, how to fix them, and what it will cost.  Our in-depth on-site analysis of your facility’s signage and wayfinding will clearly document findings with photos, identify issues, suggest solutions and estimate cost and time for corrective measures.  

Our comprehensive analysis can include review of the follow:
  • Environmental communicators (site layout, facility configuration, interior finishes and lighting)
  • Current signage consistency, completeness and physical condition
  • Signage ADA-compliance, building code/life-safety code compliance
  • Nomenclature used on signage, website, wayfinding brochures, patient letters and verbal communications
  • Current brand standards related to signage and naming
  • Current signage standards
  • Printed wayfinding content
  • Website directional content
  • Mobile phone wayfinding content