Our Team

Our team is composed of experts in Industrial, Architectural and Graphic design as well as Information Technology.  Wayfinding Associates is a design consulting firm that specializes in signage and wayfinding programs for large healthcare, corporate, academic and governmental organizations, amongst others.  We are the ‘architects’ of facility wayfinding and signage programs, helping our clients create enterprise-wide standards for wayfinding strategy and signage, from schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction administration.  We pride ourselves in our unique ability to see the underlying causes of wayfinding dysfunction and to develop creative, intuitive solutions to enable self-navigation.  


We believe wayfinding is more than signage.  We recognize disparate elements like architecture, nomenclature, branding, online content and verbal communications as important parts of our wayfinding toolbox.  

Helping Clients

If you need wayfinding and signage expertise, we’ve got you covered.  How we help depends on the client and the project.  Below are some common examples:

  • ENTERPRISES – Organizations that need assistance with wayfinding analysis, brand roll-outs, signage programs and enterprise-wide signage standards can work with us directly.
  • ARCHITECTS – We team with architects, providing signage consulting services on a variety of project types, world-wide.
  • PROJECT TEAMS – We partner with other businesses that need signage consulting for projects they want to pursue.


Celebrating a successful first decade in service, and working on the second, Wayfinding Associates was established in 2011.  

Our Focus

Helping enterprises design, deploy and manage effective signage systems and improve self-navigation to and at their facilities is our focus.  


The Wayfinding Associates mission is to help our clients solve wayfinding and signage challenges.

  • Our in-depth signage and wayfinding assessments tell clients why customers get lost, how to fix it, what it will cost and how long it will take.
  • Enterprise signage and wayfinding standards establish comprehensive exterior and interior wayfinding strategy, brand integration, ADA compliance and cohesive signage solutions.
  • Exterior and interior signage and wayfinding planning services provide schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction administration services to lead these projects from inception to successful completion.
  • Digital signage and wayfinding solutions including Epic and MyChart–integrated patient room signage, smartphone wayfinding apps, interactive displays, web-based content and non-interactive displays.